Polished Stones

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Handmade. One-of-a-kind. Lifetime Guarantee.

When making each individual piece, I make sure my complete attention is dedicated to my work. Aside from general wear-and-tear, if anything breaks, I will send you a replacement!


Welcome to my studio

My name is Darla Henderson. I graduated from the 2-year Jewelry Art & Design Program at Vancouver Vocational Institute in 1996 and have been making jewelry ever since.


Love of nature and colours inspire me to create one-of-a-kind pieces for the discerning woman or man.

The name "earth candy" came to me when my two-year old son, Cole, ate a small piece of rose quartz and almost choked. He said "I thought it was candy, Mommy!"

I keep making new pieces so keep checking back if you cant find what you're looking for!


"My necklace from earth candy is my favorite piece of jewelry.  It is one of a kind and speaks to my soul.  I wear it like a tattoo around my neck.  Since the day I put it on I never took it off."

- Bernadette McCormack,  Artist


"I have purchased several pieces from Darla and I love her designs, make perfect gifts..."

-Karin Lisa Smith-Woodard,  Tangerine Skin Care Studio